Subject: RE: XML/XSL and ASP/IIS
From: "Britt, James" <james.britt@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 08:40:48 -0700
Are you doing this in VBScript? I've found that when you
try to have one ASP call another ASP in VBScript, it blocks.
It works fine, though, with JavaScript.


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> Subject: Re: XML/XSL and ASP/IIS
> Hi there - well, I've tried this with half success/half failure.
> I I run the file below, low.xsl, directly from a web page, 
> and after having
> mapped it's MIME type to the asp.dll, then I can do everything as I
> expected.
> However, when I use the following in my asp page,
>     strOutput = objXML.transformNode(objXSL)
> I am unable to get any response back in strOutput. I don't 
> know what the
> problem is as I would still expect the .xsl file to be parsed 
> by asp.dll and
> the resuting page to be returned - as soon as I take the ASP 
> stuuf out of
> the low.xsl file, everything works using strOutput =
> objXML.transformNode(objXSL).
> What am I doing wrong, or is there a better/another way to do this?
> Thanks
> Steven

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