Subject: RE: XML/XSL and ASP/IIS
From: "Wilson, James.W" <James.W.Wilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 06:03:43 -0500
Having played with XT's extension mechanisms (which allow you to hook into
Java) I wonder if XSL+extensions could serve as a 'better ASP' as follows:

source document:

		<my-static-stuff>I like eggs</my-static-stuff>

XSL stylesheet:

	[magic incantation here so <magic/> hooks into Java]
	<xsl:template match='my-dynamic-content'><magic/></xsl:template>

	<p>I like eggs</p>
	<p>Magical content: generated on 6/9/99, the DOW is at 666,000, the
national debt is $25 trillion</p>

it seems like this could be cleaner than embedding scripts into one's source
documents. Everything stays well-formed all the way through, and you don't
mix static content with scripting logic. You can also define a set of
dynamic tags which could serve as, for instance, a department-wide standard.

Presumably there will be ways to hook non-Java stuff (possibly through COM
etc) in the future as well.

Comments? I haven't actually implemented this yet, but plan to when I get a
few moments free.


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Subject: Re: XML/XSL and ASP/IIS

Steven Livingstone wrote:
> I am interested in how I should do the following -
> I want to parse a file on the server with one XSL style sheet which should
> generate XML which should then, depending on specifics be parsed again
> one of a few style sheets and the result returned as HTML.
Re: Everyone talking about this subject. 

We are developing a system very similar to *.asp files called XML Server
Pages which use the *.xsp extension by default and allow authors to
place instruction templates into their html webpages.  When the server
receives a client request (get) for the *.xsp page, it processes the
templates instruction and presents the client with html (or text |
xml/css | xml/xsl).  The system still needs work on the xml parser.  

A unfinished website with a few examples of *.xsp can be viewed directly

Duane Nickull

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