RE: CSS and XSL?

Subject: RE: CSS and XSL?
From: "Steven Livingstone, ITS, SENM" <steven.livingstone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 1999 17:06:15 +0100
I have read it -

my *opinion* is that CSS really only needs to be used to work with HTML,
where XSL is limited/not supported.

I personnaly would always use XML with XSL and send CSS to the client if
this wasn't supported - XSL, to me, is MUCH more powerful than CSS. At the
same time all of XSL isn't fully implemented, fully supported or even a
complete standard, so there are no doubt things you can do with CSS in
browsers (for example..) which you cannot yet reliebly do with XSL ..

Am I wrong ??


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> Hi,
> Recent comments on CSS and XSL made me think a bit. I simply checked again
> what XSL means:
> Extensible Stylesheet Language... Have you noticed the word extensible in
> the name?
> This said, did someone have read this note. And what is your opinion on
> this?
> After having heard about the thesis and the antithesis what about the
> synthesis?
> regards
> Didier PH Martin
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