Re: RE: Scripting, was "RE:CSS and XSL?"

Subject: Re: RE: Scripting, was "RE:CSS and XSL?"
From: "Alistair MacDonald" <AlistairMacDonald@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 10:29:11 +0100

>>> Russell Stone <rstone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 06/11 11:41 pm >>>
> is the question will xsl include the majority of
> functionality in javaScript?
> because you can include javaScript currently in
> xsl. If it is not well formed js escape it in a cdata
> section and put all the js u want .. you can even import 
> it...

> <script>
> </script>

Actually,  you can't! XSLT doesn't support the <script> elements - they are (MS) extensions. The closest equivalent is the <functions> element, but, (and I quote from section 6.4.2 of WD-xslt-19990421), "An XSLT processor is not required to be able to make use of implementations provided by xsl:functions elements.".

You _can_ insert <script> into the _output_ stream, which means that the resulting tree can contain scripting, but you cannot guarantee that the XSL(T) processor supports anything other than the XSL(T) language.

Steven Livingstone wrote:
<re: scripting in XSL>
> Can (or will) XSL approach this level, or shall you still use the
> traditional scripting languages with XSL ??. 


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