RE: RE: Scripting, was "RE:CSS and XSL?"

Subject: RE: RE: Scripting, was "RE:CSS and XSL?"
From: Russell Stone <rstone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 17:07:25 -0700
oh my bad....
CORRECTION:using the lotusXSL processor it works..
just trying to make sense of it all in production mode.
My wish is that all of the specs were supported
in all environments. Life would be.. well dare I even
Thanks for the 411

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Subject: Re: RE: Scripting, was "RE:CSS and XSL?"

>>> Russell Stone <rstone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 06/11 11:41 pm >>>
> is the question will xsl include the majority of
> functionality in javaScript?
> because you can include javaScript currently in
> xsl. If it is not well formed js escape it in a cdata
> section and put all the js u want .. you can even import 
> it...

> <script>
> </script>

Actually,  you can't! XSLT doesn't support the <script> elements - they are
(MS) extensions. The closest equivalent is the <functions> element, but,
(and I quote from section 6.4.2 of WD-xslt-19990421), "An XSLT processor is
not required to be able to make use of implementations provided by
xsl:functions elements.".

You _can_ insert <script> into the _output_ stream, which means that the
resulting tree can contain scripting, but you cannot guarantee that the
XSL(T) processor supports anything other than the XSL(T) language.

Steven Livingstone wrote:
<re: scripting in XSL>
> Can (or will) XSL approach this level, or shall you still use the
> traditional scripting languages with XSL ??. 


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