RE: Scripting, was "RE:CSS and XSL?"

Subject: RE: Scripting, was "RE:CSS and XSL?"
From: Russell Stone <rstone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 15:41:47 -0700
is the question will xsl include the majority of
functionality in javaScript?
because you can include javaScript currently in
xsl. If it is not well formed js escape it in a cdata
section and put all the js u want .. you can even import 

var sub_on = new Image();
sub_on.src = "images/sub_on.gif";
var sub_off = new Image();
sub_off.src = "images/sub_off.gif";

did I miss the point?

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Subject: Scripting, was "RE:CSS and XSL?"

Steven Livingstone wrote:
<re: scripting in XSL>
> Can (or will) XSL approach this level, or shall you still use the
> traditional scripting languages with XSL ??. 
> For example, how would be provide form validation with XSL?? 
> I don't know if
> it would be worth XSL having this functionality without, say, 
> Javascript
> which already does it anyway.

I'm curious about this too.  When using XSLT to output HTML, couldn't
tags be used in an XSL file to include, say, JavaScript files in the
HTML file?


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