XSL controversy

Subject: XSL controversy
From: Charlie Kaiman <ckaiman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 12:17:27 -0400

It appears to me that there is a long-running controversy when in comes to
XSL (at least when it comes to the transformational aspect of XSL, any way).
On the one hand, we have the pro-XSL'ers; and on the other, the
anti-XSL'ers.  The anti-XSL'ers seem to think that the DOM is a better
approach towards transforming XML, and the pro-XSL'ers obviously believe
that XSL is the answer.  My question is:  will XSL be able to do everything
that the DOM approach will enable you to do, and vice-versa?

In other words, is there really a controversy, or are the anti-XSL'ers
simply unwilling to learn something new?

Thanks, in advance, for any input!

Charles Kaiman
i3solutions, Inc.

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