Re: XSL controversy

Subject: Re: XSL controversy
From: Denys Duchier <Denys.Duchier@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 08 Aug 1999 14:29:36 +0200
James Clark <jjc@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> - XSLT is better at down translations that up translations; if your
> transformation is going from a less-structured form to a more-structured
> form, XSLT may not be a good choice
> - XSLT is better at transformations on structure than transformations on
> content; if your transformation is doing complex transformations on the
> text content of the document, XSLT may not be a good choice

The technique that I use is to get XSLT to create input for a tool
appropriate for the transformation.  For example, I process a lot of
documentation with program examples for which I want to provide syntax
highlighting.  In order to add highlighting markup, I use XSLT to
extract code fragments and create a file of emacs lisp which when
executed outputs a file of XML with the code fragments augmented with
highlighting markup obtained using font-lock mode.  Emacs _is_ the
right tool for syntax highlighting.  To attempt this directly in XSLT
would not be a fun exercise :-)


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