Re: XSL controversy

Subject: Re: XSL controversy
From: Marcus Carr <mrc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 Aug 1999 10:41:15 +1000
James Clark wrote:

> There are many, real-world transformation problems for which XSLT is not
> the right tool.  I would never claim that XSLT is the one true
> transformation language for XML.  Whether it's a good choice for a
> particular transformation problem depends on a number of factors,
> including the following.

My thanks for posting this, James. Too often it is difficult to get such an
objective position from someone as close to the coalface as you are. I (and
I'm sure others) sometimes find it difficult to come to a decision about new
technology because I feel that if have to test-drive it to know what it's
really suited for. Information about transformations that XSLT is not
particularly suited to tend to carry more credibility than use-cases where
people have managed to get the right tesults out of arguably the wrong

PS - I'm not pro- or anti- anything - I just don't get enough time to play,
so rely on the opinions of others more than I would like to.


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