RE: MSXML Parser V3.0 released

Subject: RE: MSXML Parser V3.0 released
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 08:19:53 -0500
Hi Gerard,

Gerard said:
The new version of the MS parser, MSXML3.DLL, is now available:

The XSLT/XPath implementation within the latest parser is greater than 90
percent compliant with the XSLT and XPath specifications. The following
(additional) features have now been implemented:

·       Named Templates

·       HTML, XML, and text output method support in XSLT

·       Complete XPath function support

They've also fixed that annoying 'Refresh' bug which caused the browser to
hang. Haven't tried it out yet...

Didier replies:
But should have tried it out.... and notice a very very obvious bug. Here it
is: After having installed the new msxml component, it simply tried to view
an xml file in the browser to see if the refresh bug is really fixed (I got
used to be paranoid about Microsoft fixing bugs - I do not know why, I do
not trust their QA program  :-)). So, when I tried to see an xml document
transformed with an XSLT style sheet, I got imagine tadam.. the following

Interface not supported

Yep, it seems that somebody at Microsoft was sleeping on the keyboard  :-)))

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