RE: Outstanding Argument!

Subject: RE: Outstanding Argument!
From: "Medina, Edward" <emedina@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 12:40:19 -0400
:In the XML spec here:

(Below is what I call cryptic information)
:<nt def='NT-Nmtoken'>Nmtoken</nt> (name token) is any mixture of
:name characters.
:<scrap lang='ebnf'>
:<head>Names and Tokens</head>
:<prod id='NT-NameChar'><lhs>NameChar</lhs>
:<rhs><nt def="NT-Letter">Letter</nt> 
:| <nt def='NT-Digit'>Digit</nt> 
:| '.' | '-' | '_' | ':'
:| <nt def='NT-CombiningChar'>CombiningChar</nt> 
:| <nt def='NT-Extender'>Extender</nt></rhs>
:<prod id='NT-Name'><lhs>Name</lhs>
:<rhs>(<nt def='NT-Letter'>Letter</nt> | '_' | ':')
:(<nt def='NT-NameChar'>NameChar</nt>)*</rhs></prod>
:<prod id='NT-Names'><lhs>Names</lhs>
:<rhs><nt def='NT-Name'>Name</nt> 
:(<nt def='NT-S'>S</nt> <nt def='NT-Name'>Name</nt>)*</rhs></prod>
:<prod id='NT-Nmtoken'><lhs>Nmtoken</lhs>
:<rhs>(<nt def='NT-NameChar'>NameChar</nt>)+</rhs></prod>
:<prod id='NT-Nmtokens'><lhs>Nmtokens</lhs>
:<rhs><nt def='NT-Nmtoken'>Nmtoken</nt> (<nt def='NT-S'>S</nt> 
:<nt def='NT-Nmtoken'>Nmtoken</nt>)*</rhs></prod>
:which says that XML names start with a letter and are followed by
:letters digits .-_: and some other stuff, but not /.

I found this exactly but its like chinese to me.  What the Senior 
Engineer wanted was something specifically that says you cannot
use "/".  Because he hadn't found it anywhere where it said that 
it was restricted.  With logic you can put rocket fuel in your
car because it does not specifically say anywhere that you cannot
use that in your car.  Well new cars now have that little label
that says "Unleaded fuel only". Hmmm 


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