RE: Outstanding Argument!

Subject: RE: Outstanding Argument!
From: "Medina, Edward" <emedina@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 12:24:30 -0400
:Ah, minor correction to my last posts
:> It is a name in the XML and the DTD
:actually as a token in an enumeration, its not a Name but a Nmtoken
:the constraints on Nmtokens are a bit weaker than on Names (they don't
:need to start with a letter).

So I guess I would have to read up on Nmtokens.  I was under the
assumption that on an enumerated list anything between "()" was
a vlaue of that attribute.  


P.S. Thanks to all for the information provided.  I guess the 
 	Senior Engineer and I were both correct.  However, he
	wasn't correct in believing that "/" can be used in an
	Nmtoken (which I called the attribute value).  

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