RE: Outstanding Argument!

Subject: RE: Outstanding Argument!
From: "Medina, Edward" <emedina@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 12:20:39 -0400
David Said:
:> Granted, but its only an attribute name in XSL and its
:> an attribute value in XML and the DTD,
:No. It is a name in the XML and the DTD, or at least would be if
:/ were allowed in XML names which they are not.
so If I declare an attribute in the dtd and a specified value for 
that attribute, it really is a name and not a value?

<!ATTLIST element  attribute	(JOE|CARLA)  #IMPLIED>

JOE and CARLA are really names and not values.  Is that what you
are saying David?  I thought that attribute is the name of the 
attribute and that anything within  the "( )"  as an enumerated
list was a value of that attribute.


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