MS chat tidbits

Subject: MS chat tidbits
From: "Clementson, Bill" <Bill_Clementson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 10:22:52 -0600
I don't think anyone else has commented on the June 1 "Extreme XML Chat" (my
apologies if I'm re-hashing material), but there were a few interesting
tidbits that came out of the chat session:

1. MS is considering "streamed XSLT support" with SAX. This would allow
their XSLT processor to process XML documents on a streaming basis rather
than requiring the entire document to be resident in memory. This, of
course, would be a tremendous performance enhancement and would make for a
much smaller memory footprint when dealing with large documents. 

2. The document() function will be available in the next release of MSXML

3. MSXML parser source will probably be released "by the end of this year". 

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