Simple and powerful [Re: Managing semi-trivial sets of stylesheets.]

Subject: Simple and powerful [Re: Managing semi-trivial sets of stylesheets.]
From: Eric van der Vlist <vdv@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 09:19:18 +0200
I must be slow thinking (sorry if it was already obvious for everyone
else on this list), but I have just started to understand the power of
this simple idea :

Paul Tchistopolskii wrote:
> > Or you could stick a SAX filter between the stylesheet parser and the XSLT
> > processor.
> That's what I did - I was wondering maybe there is something
> better...
> <nice code snipped/>
> The side-effect with XT ( and I guess with any other XSLT implementation )
> is that this affects document() as well, because document() invokes the
> same parser ;-) But this is OK with me - makes life even easier, because
> moving the entire project to any directory requires changing only one
> place.

This SAX filter can easily be extended to do any mapping using the
"file:" URI scheme, making it quite easy for content management systems.

It has the benefit to set up an artificial root restricting the access
to the file system which can be useful for security reasons on multi
hosted web systems.

I wonder how easy it would be to define other pseudo schemes...

A "java:" pseudo scheme calling a class and considering its output as a
XML document would make the link with some of your previous posts

Even with the limitation that acting as it is a filter you are not aware
of the XSLT context, it could be worth trying...

My 0.02 Euros.

Eric van der Vlist       Dyomedea              

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