Re: Is it legal to extend the xml-stylesheet DTD ?

Subject: Re: Is it legal to extend the xml-stylesheet DTD ?
From: Dan Morrison <dman@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 04:27:45 +1200
David Carlisle wrote:
> A DTD can make no statements at all about processing instructions
> DTDs neither constrain what goes inside the tag, nor where the tag may
> go.

Um? I can be forgiven my confusion then :(

> A DTD only ever allows a fixed set of attributes on any element.

THAT was the implication I couldn't see spelt out anywhere. Second
nature to some I'm sure, but a new syntax to me.

Thanks David, for this v. useful reply, not only the answer that I'm
doing it wrong (as I suspected) but a way to do it right... or at least

I now also understand why DOM PI accessors hand me an ugly string
instead of a name:value hash. Well not WHY exactly, but I understand
that's the way it's done.

The non-null namespace thing finally becomes clear and reminds me that
I'm at a point to start labelling the tags (yes, and attributes) I'm
making up, and now I have a pointer to do so.

It looks like I will cause less confusion if I use the namespace as in
your first suggestion. It'll show what I'm trying to do...

Although it doesn't help much. Cocoon is totally picky about that tag.

It won't allow arbitrary media types, It won't allow newlines as
whitespace... damn, it won't even allow a space in title!
... hang on!

Jeez! That was the issue all along!

Would you believe

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" media="explorer"
href="../../xsl/slate.xsl" suffix=".html" ?>

(no extra spaces,no carriage returns) is correct for Cocoon?

There I was blaming myself for doing something dippy and it's just a
short-sighted parser.
I'll try the namespace thing anyway, to do it right.

> As for whether your example conforms with the spec, I can't easily tell.

Glad to know my confusion is well-founded. 

Thanks David and Mike.

And now that's stopped keeping me up, goodnight!


I'm still unhappy about the dopey definition of media types, but that
can wait for tomorrow. Perhaps I can create my own!

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