differentiation between text() and entities???

Subject: differentiation between text() and entities???
From: zuzmi@xxxxxxxxxxx (Z. Uzmi)
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 11:13:55 -0700

How does xslt between text() and entities in an xml file? And how to force
it not to do that?
I have template rule that inserts a <br/> tag after the text. If the input
file has something like following:

some text&nbsp;other text

then my (undesired) output is as follows:

some text<br>&nbsp;<br>other text<br>

while I want the output to be:

some text&nbsp;other text<br>

If I remove the <br/> from my rule altogether, I get the same output as the
input while I want an extra <br> at the end of the text. Any suggestions on
how to force the xslt (i'm using xalan-J) to consider the entities as just
plain text???

Thanks much,

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