RE: differentiation between text() and entities???

Subject: RE: differentiation between text() and entities???
From: zuzmi@xxxxxxxxxxx (Z. Uzmi)
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 13:35:33 -0700
Actually, I don't want the &nbsp thingies to be expanded by the xml parser
and it seems that the parser is doing that.

Only that XSLT is considering that text ends before &nbsp starts, and then
considers &nbsp another text segment and whatever follows &nbsp as yet
another text segment. I just want the XSLT to consider &nbsp as a piece of
raw text. Or probably, the xml parser segments the text as such and all xslt
gets is the segmented text????

Any other suggestions?


> report it as a bug is the only thing I can suggest.
> It should be impossible to detect entities in XSLT as they should
> all be expanded by the XML parser before XSLT starts processing the
> file.
> > Any suggestions on
> > how to force the xslt (i'm using xalan-J) to consider the
> entities as just
> > plain text???
> It is impossible to make a conforming system do anything else.
> David
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