Re: differentiation between text() and entities???

Subject: Re: differentiation between text() and entities???
From: Jens Lautenbacher <jtl@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 15 Jun 2000 14:20:10 +0200
David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> > Actually, I don't want the &nbsp thingies to be expanded by the xml parser
> well too bad, either the processor expands them or it isn't a conforming
> XMl system. Expanding entity references is what XMl parsers do.
> > Only that XSLT is considering that text ends before &nbsp starts, and then
> > considers &nbsp another text segment
> No conforming XSLT system will do that (or even see the entity reference
> which will just be character 160 by the time the XML parser passes 
> the source tree to the xsl system)

What?  XSLT requires that all continuous text is in one continuous
text NODE?


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