Re: [xsl] RE: syntax sugar for call-template

Subject: Re: [xsl] RE: syntax sugar for call-template
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 15:47:21 GMT
> I've never used qnames as template names.
neither have I, however I suppose the idea is taht people can distribute
"template libraries" for people to include and name clahses are avoided
if namespaces are used. If writing everything in one sheet Id doesn't
really help to colonise all names.

>  ""
> The chance of a name collision here is, well, infinitesmal.
The same could be said of element names in general, and thus XML
Namespaces were not needed. Far be it from me to spread such heretical
gossip though:-)

> Your other limitation, is that you can't call the code
> through XPath.  This is not a problem that I need to be 
> solved.

Ah, I think this shows a different view on the problem then.
I see this as the major limitation of the suggestion (The qname
objection only occurred to me as I was typing the email)
I'd want extension functions written in XSLT to have the same
functionality as extension functions written in external languages.
If they can't to that they shouldn't be using the xx:local() XPath
extension function syntax. And this means taking arguments that are any
XPath type and returning a value that is any XPath type.

> I can call the template, return the results, 
> stuff the result fragment into a variable and

Not easy to get the right context in something like


then its not easy to pre-compute all the function calls and store the
results in a variable.


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