Re: [xsl] catching the last node still satisfying a condition

Subject: Re: [xsl] catching the last node still satisfying a condition
From: "Dimitar Peikov" <mitko@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2001 17:51:27 +0300
> > Exactly, but I've cant find the right words. Sorry for
> > misunderstanding. The result is quite the same, isn't it?
> I've no idea whether the result is the same, since I've no idea what you
> mean by "recordsets" and "arrays" in an XPath context.
> If you're trying to say that XPath collections are sets rather than
> sequences, and that you therefore can't index them positionally, then that's
> obviously wrong.
> Mike Kay
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Yes. This is true that all is collection. But collections like arrays can be 
iterated to fetch the data you need. Testing one condition can return one 
element collection. But if you have repeated sub-nodes the same test condition 
there must be organized some iterator to distinguish the needed one.

Am I right? Or where is my misunderstanding?

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