[xsl] My XSLT project is getting larger, maybe too large

Subject: [xsl] My XSLT project is getting larger, maybe too large
From: "John Reid" <John.Reid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 17:06:32 +1000
My project started of with a text XML database for one unit of people
(about 80). It uses MSXML to generate HTML from a transformation. It
stands a good chance of growing to 20 units and maybe 100 units. Each
unit could have their own text XML database. But I can see where
somebody is going to want stats across them all. So I am asking for
advice. While I would guess that the app could be migrated to say
Tamino, the current database standard used is SQL Server. Could I
continue with mutiple XML text files, I kinda like them for they are
fast and easy to manipulate (ie if there is corruption then they can
simply be edited - with care!) any hints, guidelines suggestions would


John Reid

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