RE: [xsl] My XSLT project is getting larger, maybe too large

Subject: RE: [xsl] My XSLT project is getting larger, maybe too large
From: "Jim Fuller" <jim.fuller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 09:53:51 +0100
why not use XINDICE with the webdav plugin ? you can manipulate your xml as if they were seperate documents but gain the performance benefits; is it just simple XPATH queries to generate stats, if so you can use the xpath query engine built in,
lastly, if you still want to use msxml, you can access every xml document using a typical HTTP GET request.

I find it works well, though the XINDICE project seems to be atrophying just a bit at apache at

gl, jim fuller

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From: John Reid [mailto:John.Reid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [xsl] My XSLT project is getting larger, maybe too large

My project started of with a text XML database for one unit of people
(about 80). It uses MSXML to generate HTML from a transformation. It
stands a good chance of growing to 20 units and maybe 100 units. Each
unit could have their own text XML database. But I can see where
somebody is going to want stats across them all. So I am asking for
advice. While I would guess that the app could be migrated to say
Tamino, the current database standard used is SQL Server. Could I
continue with mutiple XML text files, I kinda like them for they are
fast and easy to manipulate (ie if there is corruption then they can
simply be edited - with care!) any hints, guidelines suggestions would


John Reid

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