Re: [xsl] My XSLT project is getting larger, maybe too large

Subject: Re: [xsl] My XSLT project is getting larger, maybe too large
From: "Kurt Cagle" <kurt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 00:54:02 -0700

In general, I find with XSLT that you reach a certain point where it is
easier to create generalized XHTML templates with alternate namespace tags
that can then be expanded from within XSLT. This way, the XSLT can be used
to create generalized tables, layouts, navigational elements, forms, etc.,
and the XHTML can be custom mapped to fit (this strategy works especially
well with CSS in the mix too). This actually cuts down on the amount of
"custom" XSLT that you need to write, you can consolidate a lot of this code
in libraries, and anything that you don't already have done you can build as
needed for future code reuse.

-- Kurt

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Subject: [xsl] My XSLT project is getting larger, maybe too large

> My project started of with a text XML database for one unit of people
> (about 80). It uses MSXML to generate HTML from a transformation. It
> stands a good chance of growing to 20 units and maybe 100 units. Each
> unit could have their own text XML database. But I can see where
> somebody is going to want stats across them all. So I am asking for
> advice. While I would guess that the app could be migrated to say
> Tamino, the current database standard used is SQL Server. Could I
> continue with mutiple XML text files, I kinda like them for they are
> fast and easy to manipulate (ie if there is corruption then they can
> simply be edited - with care!) any hints, guidelines suggestions would
> help.
> Salud
> John Reid
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