[xsl] Dynamic XSLT based on User Input (SAME xsl file)

Subject: [xsl] Dynamic XSLT based on User Input (SAME xsl file)
From: "Rangarajan Calyanakoti" <crranga@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2003 02:13:20 -0400
I have an XML file with data. I have an XSL file that can represent the XML data in a specific format dependent on a given parameter. Now the parameter is selected by the user using an HTML dropdown list. How can I pass the user selection to the XSLT portion?

If I know the answer to any of the following questions, I can work it out!

1) How can I pass URL parameters to an XSL-T file? Is Cocoon the only way?

2) How can I register event handlers for HTML widgets/controls (like buttons, dropdown lists etc) with msxsl:script function (instead of the typical javascript functions?)

3) How can I access javascript functions from within msxsl:script function?

4) How can I assign a value to an xsl:variable by invoking a javascript function (NOT an msxsl:script function)

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