RE: [xsl] Dynamic XSLT based on User Input (SAME xsl file)

Subject: RE: [xsl] Dynamic XSLT based on User Input (SAME xsl file)
From: "Michael Kay" <mhk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 22:04:35 +0100
> 1) How can I pass URL parameters to an XSL-T file?  Is Cocoon 
> the only way?

You just need a very simple Java servlet or ASP page that accepts the
parameters and passes them to the stylesheet. There are example servlets
that do this distributed with several of the XSLT processors.
> 2) How can I register event handlers for HTML widgets/controls (like 
> buttons, dropdown lists etc) with msxsl:script function 
> (instead of the 
> typical javascript functions?)

msxsl:script is evaluated at transformation time, not at
display/interaction time. Event handlers like this should be part of the
HTML page that you generate, not part of the stylesheet used to generate
> 3) How can I access javascript functions from within 
> msxsl:script function?

See the Microsoft documentation.
> 4) How can I assign a value to an xsl:variable by invoking a 
> javascript 
> function (NOT an msxsl:script function)
If you are using the Microsoft product, then msxsl:script is the way
that you define Javascript functions to be invoked from your
transformation code.

Michael Kay

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