Re: [xsl] Select statement within HREF

Subject: Re: [xsl] Select statement within HREF
From: "Emmanuil Batsis (Manos)" <mbatsis@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 15:05:57 +0200

SHEIKH Sajjad wrote:

1) Writing a style sheet file.xsl which displays Entreprise folder
hierarcy. 2) It also links AFC to AFC/file.xml etc.
3) AFC/file.xml will then be displayed with the same file.xsl which was
written for Entreprise folder.

Well, this cannot really happen magically. If you want AFC/file.xml to be rendered using the original stylesheet, you either have to add a stylesheet PI in it, or programmatically transform it.

The first is the easiest to do if you have control on the XML files. If that is the case, you can go for the second approach by producing something like the following instead of the links discussed thus far:

<a href="javascript:transformAndShow('AFC/file.xml')">AFC</a>

You will have to implement the transformAndShow function yourself, that is, transform the file then inject it for rendering on the target window. Sarissa [1] may be usefull in this case, as it provides a common API for this on IE and Mozilla-based browsers.



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