RE: [xsl] Select statement within HREF

Subject: RE: [xsl] Select statement within HREF
From: "SHEIKH Sajjad" <Sajjad.SHEIKH@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2003 16:11:54 +0100
Here is more technical explaination, since question is challenging!

I have a folder F.

Undearneath I have 3 folders f1, f2, f3
F1 have another few folders for example, f11, f12, f13
F2 have also a folder F21
F3 have folder F31 and a document D31

F11, f12, f13 and f21 can be empty, or have folders and/or files.

Imagine you have got this tress structure.

You just reproduce the tree structure with the option that on the first
page, you will just see F1, F2, F3.
When you click F1, you get F11, F12, F13 folders
When you click on F11, you get the content underneath (may be empty, or
files and/or documents)

In otherwords, it is the same way as you Microsoft Windows Explorer.

Note:		Each folder has an xml document called file.xml
		file.xml has the same structure in all folders and only
gives the overview of the current folder.

Things to do:	

Approach 1:	1) Copy style sheet to each folder.
		2) insert PI to xml document file.xml in each folder
Approach 1, I am trying to get it done by Batch File.  Writing a routine
and running it over night etc.

I am interested to see the following done by XSLT,

Approach 2:	1)	Keep the style sheet in top folder called F.
		2)    Only add PI to first and top level file.xml which
is in F.
		3)    Now, keep finding the nodes in top folder F,
making hyperlinks and including xml doc, file.xml on the

I hope the specs are clear.



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> Does it mean we do not have any INLINE or INCLUDE an xml document 
> option in XSLT?

Again, it depends what you are trying to produce.
If you want to produce an HTMlL <a link (which is what you said you
wanted originally) then clearly that doesnt inline as that is not how
html works.

If you want the generated HTMl to be the result of transforming more
than one input file then XSLt can do that easily using the document()



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