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Subject: Re: [xsl] \
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 14:27:12 GMT
> '\'  by itself is not prohibited in URLs, is it?
no, but it doesn't mean what people think it means (it has the same
status as "a")

> Is "\data\file.xsl"; an invalid URL? 

No, but it  has a _single_ path component called "\data\file.xsl" so if
that file has an <xsl:include href="foo.xsl"/> then foo.xsl is a
relative uri that corresponds to
which probably is not what was intended.

If the same file is served from
then the relative foo.xsl uri will resolve to

Note that even if the server tries to be kind and silently map \ to /
(as it may do as it is free to map uris to its file system in any way it
likes) then it will still fail as a _client_ given that relative URI is
mandated to ask for as it is the client
that resolves the relative uris and requests an absolute uri from the

> Putting it another way, I think it is legal to write
> <xsl:import href="module1\stylesheet1.xsl"/> 

its legal but the base uri of the included file might not be what you



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