RE: [xsl] Too slow to process XML file over 1MB

Subject: RE: [xsl] Too slow to process XML file over 1MB
From: "Todd Baker" <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 15:44:49 +1100
Your problem is the loading of the large [well its not that large, I work
with some over 25mb :)] xml file.

Try running a routine to load the xml file into the XSLTProcessor then cache
it into using an Application variable. Subsequent parses will be HEAPS
quicker as the XML is loaded into the processor and in memory.

One project I work on that has a 35mb XML file takes 15-30sec to load into
memory but subsequent parsing with XSL takes less than half a second or

Hope it helps.


> Deal All:
> I followed the instruction as specified by Microsoft MSDN 
> website 
> "
> -us/xmlsdk/htm/xsl_interactive_1hmb.asp" 
> to build up a book search ASP application. The catalog.asp 
> works perfectly if I use Microsoft sample XML file books.xml 
> which can be found on 
> "
> -us/xmlsdk/htm/sdk_booksxml_30rw.asp". 
>   However, it doesn't seem to work at all when I added many 
> more book entries into books.xml.  I added 1000 more book 
> entries into the xml file and the addition makes file bigger 
> than 1MB.  After the addition,  the webbrowser basically 
> stopped responding whenever I ran the catalog.asp.  
> According the MSDN, this ASP file has lots of performance 
> advantages by using XSLProcessor, but if it can't even 
> process a 1000 books XML file, what benefits XML or XSL can 
> bring to me.  Is there any limitation about the usage of XML?
> Thanks a lot
> Jack

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