RE: [xsl] Common Element Solution (XSL 2.0)

Subject: RE: [xsl] Common Element Solution (XSL 2.0)
From: "Pawson, David" <David.Pawson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 08:23:30 -0000
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    From: Michael Kay
    > I  also thought about the one-such-name-to-a-table problem,

    For your particular application the source data obviously
    satisfies this constraint, but the constraint needs to be
    stated in case someone tries to apply the same algorithm to
    a different situation where the constraint doesn't hold.

    It's not hard to generalize the solution: instead of

       count(current-group()) = $number-of-tables

    you want something like

       count(current-group()/parent::table) = $number-of-tables

    relying on the fact that "/" eliminates duplicates.

That last line has me puzzled Mike. Would someone expand please,
for the uninitiated? In your previous emails you didn't say how
the $number-of-tables variable was defined, same way?

regards DaveP

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