Re: [xsl] odf2xhtml: Processing nested element content seperatly ?

Subject: Re: [xsl] odf2xhtml: Processing nested element content seperatly ?
From: "Andreas M." <sfamix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 03:38:15 +0200
On 28.10.2006 02:12 Abel Braaksma wrote

> Andreas M. wrote:
> If that's a fact (sensible ---> sensitive, I know ;-) , why did they do
> XHTML 1.1, with modularization, allowing for modules and thus:
> expansion? I tried a few things, trying to add / change elements, but

Sorry, I do not know enogh about this topic. I heard about the plans to
modularize XHTML, but that is all I know. Thanks for mentioning that
"sensible" ;-)

I am not a "real" programmer. I need about 10 times as long as a "real"
programmer would need to absorb topics we discuss here. They tend to
call me "Luke". So I use the source ;-)

I have written a bunch of essays. I decided, that I am tired of
handcrafting all my HTML in an editor and I am used to automate my
workflow as much as possible from my Amiga days (I dislike monolithic
I want to focus on the content, not on the markup. Since I use OOo it
was just natural to create a template for my essays and have a result,
that I could publish in print, on the web or wherever. In the meantime
this has became a pet-project and I am very eager to solve my problems.

As a person who enjoys literature and writing I see paragraphs as
atomic. On the other side, David pointed out, that in mathematical
literature things seem to be different. I am noone to judge this, since
 I hope, that I will never need to read a book about mathematics in my
whole life, lol. So, I stand corrected.

Still, I think the text:p approach in ODF was not a good choice. But as
soon I will have a working XSL-T I will report back :-)

As for your advice using CSS I will investiagte it. Thanks a lot for
your help! I will use CSS for the layout so this might be an option, if
all else fails. I am pretty sure, there is a way to get my desired
result. My skills are just too low and I want to start using this export
mechanism for OOo, so I came here to ask the gurus.

Andreas M.

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