Re: [xsl] odf2xhtml: Processing nested element content seperatly ?

Subject: Re: [xsl] odf2xhtml: Processing nested element content seperatly ?
From: "Andreas M." <sfamix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2006 04:49:48 +0200
On 27.10.2006 17:49 Mulberry Technologies List Owner wrote

> Andreas --
> You are most likely to get answers to your questions on XSL-List if you
> state the question without throwing stones and any one or any data format.

Pardon me ?

> If you simply state that you are having trouble representing nested
> objects from ODF as non-nested structures in HTML, without disparaging
> either data format, you are likely to get help. Throwing stones at
> either specification is bait I don't think the members of XSL-List will
> be able to resist.

There seems to be a misunderstanding. I had no plans of critizizing
anyone's format. Where did you read this ? There was no disparaging and
no stone throwing in my post at all. It might be, that this
misunderstanding could be rooted in *my* misunderstanding of the english
language. From the previous reply to David:

>>> ODF has a different approach to lining out text than HTML. HTML is
>>> sensible: Within html:p there may be no other block-elements
>> That's not sensible it's crazy! It's also something finally fixed in
>> the drafts of xhtml2, where p is given a more reasonable content
>> model.
> That's a native-lagnuage Oops! here ;-) I did not mean sensible, I
> meant sensivtive, lol.

My mistake. Not on purpose. ;-) I see it could have been read: XHTML is
sensible while ODF is not. I did not mean to say that. I meant to say,
that HTML is sensitive about what is being placed inside a <html:p>.

> Also, while you show fragments of your source and the result you don't
> like, you have not shown the result you would like, nor have you shared
> the XSLT you are starting from. These, also, will help the members of
> the list provide answers you may find useful.

Well, I thought, that would arise from the task at hand:

Put all text from <text:p> into <html:p> and seperate it from any
frames, while keeping all text and pictures in the frames and alining
them to the paragraph.
In other words to seperate all elements, that are best to be transformed
into html:div (ie: frames) from the html:p.

I will try what David recommends with xslt1 grouping, once I cracked the
code and understood what he means ;-) But I guess I am at it already.

Andreas M.

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