[xsl] Announcement: Dexter - XSL Transform Generation Tool

Subject: [xsl] Announcement: Dexter - XSL Transform Generation Tool
From: "Michael Dykman" <mdykman@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 15:21:48 -0500
It is my pleasure to announce the betas release of Dexter, an open
source tool, published under the Artistic License 2.0


Dexter is designed to simplify common XSL productions with it's
extensible framework.

I am very interested in feedback, most especially from members of this
list.  Please direct any feedback to either the issue tracker on the
project page, or directly to michael@xxxxxxxxxx with the word 'Dexter'
placed prominently in the subject line.

Thank you for your attention.

 - michael dykman
 - mdykman@xxxxxxxxx

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