RE: Scheme Programming Reference

Subject: RE: Scheme Programming Reference
From: "Didier PH Martin" <martind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 00:09:04 -0400
Hi Jack,

Jack said:
3.  Reality sets in.  What the heck is Scheme?  What's all of this
    unfathomable grove business?  SGML architectures, HyTime?  (Sigh) aren't
    there any DSSSL books available at  Is Jade all there is for
    software?  "Oh, it looks like I can produce PDF using TeX.  I downloaded
    TeX once, but couldn't get it to do anything.  (Whine) can't I just use
    Crystal Reports or something else instead of messing with *ML?"

Didier says:
If you want PDF or postscript processing _and_ that your platform is Unix,
then Next solution already did it with DSSSLPrint. However, if you need that
on Win32, there is nothing yet. Last time I spoke with Next Solution people
thay told me that a Win32 version is comming maybe for this fall.


Jack said:
1. We need "The DSSSL Homepage"--the starting point from which you go from
   "What's DSSSL?" to "How do I extend OpenJade?".  Didier appears to have
   a good start on that Web page, and OpenJade is a very promising

Didier says:
Thank you Jack for your appreciation of our efforts. We are trying hard to
"debug" the false start of DSSSL and make it a success.

Didier PH Martin

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