Re: (dsssl) Japanese and OpenJade

Subject: Re: (dsssl) Japanese and OpenJade
From: Jany Quintard <jany.quintard@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 14:06:23 +0100 (CET)
On 21 Mar 2001, Adam Di Carlo wrote:

> jany.quintard@xxxxxxxxxx writes:
> > Anyway, if I have good results with ucs-2 unicode and koi8-r too,
> Do you think I can get fuller demonstrations of koi8-r and ucs-2 and
> sjis?  I am getting a lot of complaints from Russian users for
> instance about difficult using jade/openjade and koi8-r -- if I could
> provide and test with some complete examples (including requisite env
> vars) then I could test this better.  Both for Debian and for OpenJade
> in particular.
I must admit that all this is a bit nebulous for me. Do you need examples?
I can test on Windows 98 or linux at home.
For my test at work, I built a sort of little fake file with two
paragraphs, the first in english ascii and the second in DBCS (Sjis).

> > With, sjis, I get good results too, but Openjade complains upon errors
> > in the stylesheet :
> > .../...
> Uh.  Ouch.  I take it that '!' is remapped in sjis.  
I am not sure that the ! is the problem. Could it be the # ?
I will retest it soon.

> Are you sure that's referring to Norm's stylesheet properly, e.g.,
I don' refer to  Norm's stylesheet. Actually, my SGML is not Docbook and I
just picked up some functions in Norm's stylesheet that could be useful.
>   <!ENTITY docbook.dsl PUBLIC
>         "-//Norman Walsh//DOCUMENT DocBook HTML Stylesheet//EN" CDATA
I will explore this way.

Thanks Adam. I will do some tests and send you the results.
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