Re: alternating tags in a list?

Subject: Re: alternating tags in a list?
From: Sean Mc Grath <digitome@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 1998 14:43:33 GMT
>Paul Prescod wrote
>>As James Clark has pointed out on several occasions, if you want to turn
>>every other row in a table blue, this is *trivial* in DOM code.
>How do you know that you want to turn every other row blue?
[Andy Dent]
>ie: who writes the DOM code and where is it executed?
>Isn't this just shifting a responsibility around, but admitting that the
>declarative model can't supply this by itself?
>How do I tell a browser that every 2nd line should be blue?
>I'd prefer to see the declarative language capable of defining this kind of

Trouble is, to deal with everything you might wany you end up
converting your declarative language to an imperative one.
You need a fully blown programming language. Striking
a balance between declarative simplicity and imperative
expressive power is hard. Warning bells go off in my
head whenever I see procedural programming stuff
popping up in declarative syntaxes i.e.
        <if>, <while>, $if$, eval() etc.

The world is full of perfectly good little programming
langauges and if there one thing the world does not
need it is yet another way of
expressing "if [condition] then [statement]."!

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