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Subject: RE: integrate a special link
From: "Hunter, David" <dhunter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 11:53:04 -0400
I get the impression that Microsoft is very committed to complying with the
XML/XSL standards, BUT, they aren't interested in releasing beta releases of
MSXML with every XSL draft.  They would rather wait until XSL becomes
finalized, and then release a version which complies with the standard 100%.
I think we can all bank on them having Microsoft-specific extensions built
in, but I also think that they will be totally compatible with the standard
as written.

I have no Microsoft "inside sources", so this is all just conjecture, but I
wouldn't expect any more releases of MSXML until the draft is finalized.
Unless IE6 or an IE5 service pack gets released before the draft is
finalized, in which case maybe they'll have a new version, which is
compatible with the latest spec at the time.

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I am definitely not a M$ fan, but I dislike their ways they treat
costumers and it has nothing to do with their programmers. Some of their
programs are really cool  and I am quite sure that many of them are not
happy about the way Microsoft goes.
But there is one important lesson. 
M$ is a very important player in XSL and XML area. WE MUST PRESS ON THEM
TO REALLY COMPLY WITH STANDARDS. I am convinced that XML and XSL will
succeeded without MS, but much faster with MS.

"Moss, Jeff (MBWAR it)" wrote:
> Nic
> On the ActiveX front we can't use anything else as our needs are very
> bespoke (the activex builds a microsoft powerpoint presentation from the
> browser - so it does OLE stuff which isn't gonna be easy/nice with
> Netscape). Don't get me wrong though - I'm not particularly an MS fan!
> My data is derived from a database via an SQL query - it is then pulled
> to the client as raw XML with a reference to a stylesheet it should use to
> format it - I wanted to use XML/XSL to demonstrate it's power on the
> (IE5) so don't really want to make this a HTML thing as it kinda defeats
> purpose of the exercise - we've got plenty of dynamically generated HTML
> stuff within the applications we produce.
> For our needs it works fine with IE5 - I only use sorting/filtering in the
> XSL so it's basic stuff.
> I'll bear your thoughts in mind as I try to learn for the future though.
> Cheers
> Jeff

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