New XML/XSL Tools: XSpLit and Rhythmyx

Subject: New XML/XSL Tools: XSpLit and Rhythmyx
From: Vernon_Imrich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 12:30:10 -0400
Several on this list have recently requested information on XML/XSL tools.  Here
are two new ones you may want to check out.  They went Gold on October 1 1999.

Percussion Rhythmyx - virtual XML data server, visual designer maps relational
databases to XML, run-time engine serves data as either XML, HTML (via XSL), or
binary content.

Rhythmyx XSpLit - goes "backwards" from HTML files to XSL and XML.  You start
with an HTML file containing both content and format, then add labels to define
the content on the page (using straight text or the "id" attribute of existing
HTML tags).  XSpLit parses the page, separating the content definition into an
XML DTD and the formatting into an XSLT style sheet.  The style sheet will thus
produce an HTML page that looks like the original HTML but with any other XML
content that conforms to the associated DTD.  Supports repeated formatting for
repeated XML fields, nested formatting, attributes, etc. XSpLit currently ships
as part of Rhythmyx but can be run separately after the Rhythmyx installation.

More info and free evals available.
Or call (800) 283 - 0800

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