RE: Is it time for an XSLT-list?

Subject: RE: Is it time for an XSLT-list?
From: Linda van den Brink <lvdbrink@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 14:04:56 +0200
> I wonder if it's time for those of us who aren't interested 
> in IE5 1998 XSL
> to take ourselves off to a new XSLT-list, where hopefully 
> these people won't
> find us?

I wonder if that's a good solution; it would be like fleeing and going in
hiding, wouldn't it? Also, it would be a shame if XSLT-beginners, who may
innocently be using IE5 and thinking they're dealing with XSLT, and who may
be ready to switch to a better XSLT processor when we advise them to, would
not be able to find us. I understand and share your frustration, though. 

Maybe a not-so-bad idea would be is to have a standard reply for people
using ie5-xsl, along the lines of

"You are (probably) using ie5 XSL, which is very different from the XSLT
standard. Discussion of ie5-xsl is off-topic for this mailing list. We
advise you to: 
- if you need to use ie5-xsl for some reason, take your question to
Microsoft's newsgroup for XSL, microsoft.public.xsl
- if you do not need to use ie5 with XSL, but you want to (e.g. to be
introduced to XSLT), use the latest upgrade of MSXML, which supports a
(growing) subset of XSLT instead of the old version of XSL. Go to
- if you do not need/want to use ie5-xsl, e.g. to learn XSLT or to use XSLT
in a development/production environment, switch to one of the compliant XSLT
processors, such as SAXON, xt, or Xalan." 

To limit the size of the reply email, we could add this standard reply to
the FA@ and then link to it from the reply email, of course stripping all
redundant text from the original mail when replying. 


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