RE: Is it time for an XSLT-list?

Subject: RE: Is it time for an XSLT-list?
From: "John E. Simpson" <simpson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 10:11:37 -0400
At 07:09 AM 4/4/2000, Michael Kay wrote:
I've just waded through about 140 messages on the xsl-list, and about half
of them were questions about the IE5 1998 XSL, and in very many of these
cases the authors didn't make that clear in the posting, so it took about 10
seconds to delete each one.

I wonder if it's time for those of us who aren't interested in IE5 1998 XSL
to take ourselves off to a new XSLT-list, where hopefully these people won't
find us?

You coward :).

Kidding aside, I have to admit I've been amazed at the patience shown by you, David Carlisle, Dave Pawson, and other regular repliers-to-messages-about-the-putative-XSL-in-IE5.0. That said, I'd vote for something like Linda vdB's boilerplate reply solution rather than calving off a separate XSLT list.

I think what's been going on is that "XSL"-related books, magazine articles, and so on are just now starting to hit the shelves in quantity; given the usual publication delays (a lot of this stuff was written 6 months or more ago), these tend to feature the language-known-as-etc. Furthermore, they almost certainly are including links to XSL-List as a great source of information about XSL(T) (as indeed it is). A lot of newcomers are showing up in force, trying to learn to swim by holding onto driftwood and other flotsam that they've mistaken for life preservers and surfboards.

MS are moving in the right direction on XSLT and eventually -- sooner rather than later, surely -- the number of people pounding on the door, asking questions about the 1998 version, is bound to drop to close to 0.

XSL-List has one of my favorite mailing list sigs -- favorite because it's only one line long. I wonder if Mulberry would consider adding, temporarily, a second line, something like "Questions about Microsoft IE5 XSL should be directed first to the microsoft.public.xsl newsgroup"? Even if not, they should for their own sanity probably include a caveat to that effect on the main XSL-List info page and lead-in to the archives.

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