Re: Is it time for an XSLT-list?

Subject: Re: Is it time for an XSLT-list?
From: Omar López Ruiz <omar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 15:15:47 +0200
    I think it's a very good idea, is there a way to contact to the xsl owner?

    Best regards,


Linda van den Brink wrote:

> > I wonder if it's time for those of us who aren't interested
> > in IE5 1998 XSL
> > to take ourselves off to a new XSLT-list, where hopefully
> > these people won't
> > find us?
> I wonder if that's a good solution; it would be like fleeing and going in
> hiding, wouldn't it? Also, it would be a shame if XSLT-beginners, who may
> innocently be using IE5 and thinking they're dealing with XSLT, and who may
> be ready to switch to a better XSLT processor when we advise them to, would
> not be able to find us. I understand and share your frustration, though.
> Maybe a not-so-bad idea would be is to have a standard reply for people
> using ie5-xsl, along the lines of
> "You are (probably) using ie5 XSL, which is very different from the XSLT
> standard. Discussion of ie5-xsl is off-topic for this mailing list. We
> advise you to:
> - if you need to use ie5-xsl for some reason, take your question to
> Microsoft's newsgroup for XSL, microsoft.public.xsl
> - if you do not need to use ie5 with XSL, but you want to (e.g. to be
> introduced to XSLT), use the latest upgrade of MSXML, which supports a
> (growing) subset of XSLT instead of the old version of XSL. Go to
> - if you do not need/want to use ie5-xsl, e.g. to learn XSLT or to use XSLT
> in a development/production environment, switch to one of the compliant XSLT
> processors, such as SAXON, xt, or Xalan."
> To limit the size of the reply email, we could add this standard reply to
> the FA@ and then link to it from the reply email, of course stripping all
> redundant text from the original mail when replying.
> Linda
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