RE: getting element name into html using MSXML3 (home work missing)

Subject: RE: getting element name into html using MSXML3 (home work missing)
From: "Paulo Gaspar" <Paulo.Gaspar@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 13:11:14 +0200
I am sorry Dan, but I think your problem with the "easy-preview" it is 
mostly your own fault.

I went trough the same process of starting to use MSXML a couple of 
months ago and I clearly remember all the steps. 

MS XML Parser Technology Preview download page had already for the
March release the same layout it has now (May release). 
Take a look at

There are two clearly highlighted downloads:
  1. "Download the May 2000 MSXML Technology Preview Release"
  2. "Download the latest MSXML Technology Preview SDK"

If you want to get serious development done, you should get 
seriously prepared/informed. That means downloading and installing
both the parser (1) and the SDK (2).

The SDK contains documentation (the HTML Help file "xmlsdk.chm" for the 
March release). A obvious step to take on documentation is to READ IT 
before you use the tool. Even if you skip the reference parts, you 
should at least read:
 - the "Guides" topics (in this case the "XML Developer's Guide" 
   and the "XSLT Developer's Guide");
 - the tutorial topics ("XML Tutorial");
 - and MOST OF ALL the "What's New" topics, that highlight the 
   most relevant new stuff in a software release.

Following the "What's New" topics you would find:
  "What's New in the MSXML Technology Preview-March 2000"

And there you have a link to:
  "Running Msxml3 in Replace Mode"

There, you would find about "XmlInst.exe" and all that stuff you were

You could also find this folowing some links in the site (I am not 
giving you all the steps but it is "What's new" related again).

Notice that having to install MSXML in "replace mode" manually is a
percaution. By default IE5 keeps using the old version of this COM 
library, since the new one is considered a beta and has bugs.

This time these bugs are made public my M$ in the MSXML Web pages.
(And this is just one of the reasons I respect a lot the MSXML team 
- much more than I do respect M$ general behaviour.)

There is a good example to defend this kind of precaution:
  One of the bugs is related with a "refresh" functionality. If you 
  install the March MSXML in replace mode, load a XML document and
  click on refresh, you will hang the browser (which does not happen
  if you press enter again on the address text box).
  This bug is listed as fixed in the May release:
    BugId : 47797
    Title : The browser hangs on refresh when running MSXML2.dll in 
            replace mode and processing an XSLT style sheet.
    Status: Fixed
    Area  : Browsing 

Do your "home work" before complainning. Many people will not help 
you in your troubles if they notice you didn't care to do the 
obvious before taking someone else's time.

I am not complaining either, just trying to open your eyes to the
necessary pains of developing software solutions.

Have fun,


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Clementson, Bill wrote:
> Dan Morrison wrote:
> >Presume nothing, the 'install' seemed to have zero effect on my
> >functionality. 

> Unfortunately, MS chose to let the setup program only install the program
> components - you need to manually do some stuff to make the March/May
> previews actually work 

Oooh, Ah, a clue!

> There are a number of options that you can take...

Thankyou very much! 

I was really keen on getting real XML support going in an easy-preview
environment, but after much head-bashing gave up and went back to
develop my home-brew solutions.

Glad to know there is an answer after all. I've got too used to the
hand-holding install wizards I guess ;-)

> Hope this helps.

Indeed, a hell of a lot more than my entreaties directly to MS lists and
'support' for sure.

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