RE: [xsl] Survey - XSL-FO Processors

Subject: RE: [xsl] Survey - XSL-FO Processors
From: "Angela Williams" <Angela.Williams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 08:57:09 -0500
This is really just a brief question to find out who is using what and
why....what they like about their processor and what shortcomings are
unfortunate....  We are certainly not going to buy (or not buy) anything
based strictly on an opinion expressed here, but might take a closer
look at a processor that is clearly preferred above others.

We are currently using RenderX and except for it not supporting
decimal-alignment (drat!) or more of the spec, I don't have any other
reservations about using it.  Our project lead just wants to make sure
we aren't leaving a better tool on the table.

So, my revised requirements are below....

>1. High performance, large file size processing.
Process xml files 8 to 10 mb, with around 180,000 lines of xml. Print
8000 - 32000 pages per hour with up to 6 insert trays.

>2. Complex layouts with intensive graphics (inserted jpgs and generated
svg code)
Not plain Jane basic, but probably not too complicated, variable columns
per section, variable table span, generated svg graphics (pie charts,
line chart, bar charts, 3of9 barcodes), embedded jpgs with variable
scaling. These are client financial statements and communications, not
flashy marketing posters or brochures.

>4. Commercial print quality required - 600dpi laser and 600 x 1200
Postscript - full color.

> For example, do you need a tool that supports Aural Stylesheets?
The next phase of the project is to create Aural stylesheets for our IVR
system, using the same content created for print.

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