Re: [stella] New project - RPG engine

Subject: Re: [stella] New project - RPG engine
From: emooney1@xxxxxxxx (Erik K Mooney)
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 1997 20:26:17 -0400
>This is an ambitious project, but maybe not as difficult as it might 
>Yours is for sure the only correct approach to the problem: FIRST, 
>the 2600, THEN design an RPG that can be done :-)
>It would be the perfect type of game for the Supercharger... isn't it
>strange that Glenn didn't say anything about this? :-)

Actually, the Supercharger doesn't seem all that necessary... 16k looks
like it'll fit pretty much the whole thing, and I really don't see
more than the 128 bytes of RAM, or the 256 available with a Superchip
at the most.  Possibly I'll do a sequel with the Supercharger, using much
of the same kernel.

>>A text-display routine would be helpful...
>Isn't there such a routine in the Stella CD?!

I don't have the Stella CD :)  I'm thinking along the lines of the
routine used in "Dark Mage" by whoever it was a little while back on this
list... was that type of thing on the CD?

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