Re: [stella] Official Atari St 2600/7800 Dev Kit.

Subject: Re: [stella] Official Atari St 2600/7800 Dev Kit.
From: combee@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Ben Combee)
Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 21:41:03 GMT
Ruffin Bailey writes:
> >DASM and MAKEWAV are both supposed to be ANSI compatible. Can't
> >you get yourself GCC for the ST and a command shell program and
> >simply compile them yourself? 
> I couldn't get it to compile with Metrowerks CodeWarrior on my Mac, so I 
> wonder if it truly is ANSI compatible.  Got a ton of type mismatch 
> errors.  I didn't give it much of a look after that one run, however.  
> Maybe by the year 2005 I'll get a chance.  I'll give it a run under MPW 
> if I can ever find my MPW book again (cleaning up the office as we 
> speak)...

Hmmm, if I get a chance this weekend, I'll pull down the sources and
see if they work with CodeWarrior Pro 3 for Windows.  We need more
test cases right now.
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