[stella] At the request of...

Subject: [stella] At the request of...
From: Mark De Smet <desmet@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1998 10:55:46 -0500 (CDT)
At the request of John Harvey, I will mention who I am.

Yes, I am a friend of John, he is the person that convinced me to redirect
my hardware designs to the 2600.  Previously I just played around with
electronics in general, now I work on atari stuff.  I learned of the list
from John.  

Currently(b/c I am lacking a supercharger, and because I think it is fun
to build) I am working on a RAM based cartrige which can be programmed by
a simple file copy to a PC parallel port.  This would allow instantaneous
testing, w/o going through a .WAV converter.(Not that I don't like the
supercharger, I think it is cool, but I don't have one.) I expect the
download time to be less than 1/2 sec.  More over I plan on developing
some simple computer software to select games, and simultaniously display
instructions.  This effectively would function like a 128in1 sort of
thing, but I think that this would be cooler.

Has anybody worked on something like this before?  I read somewhere of a
similar system that could do both cart reads, as well as writes to the ram
cart, but I am looking to make the entire thing fit inside 1 cart, with no
base unit.  Besides, it is more fun to design it myself, and that's why
we're all in it anyway!(the fun part that is)

Has anyone worked with parallel ports before?  I swear I'm reading it
correctly, but have a small(1%) loss of data.(ah, a robust program can
have 40 instructions missing and still work.  :-)

Mark De Smet

BTW, for those who have asked, the 80's song of the week(in sig below) is
a twice weekly music trivia game.  Let me know if you are interested.

80's Song of the week, Part II
Week of September 14
Last answer: "So Alive"
by Love And Rockets

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