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"Thanks for all the help on this setup. Your response time is unbelievable.

We will be recommending your service to any list owners we know."

Joseph Ferraro,
Auction Tecs

Use BIGLIST to Create a Community

We can help you create a community of people helping people by giving them a convenient, accessible forum to ask and answer questions and to share their ideas and opinions. We call this forum a BigList discussion list.
How it works
  • People interested in joining your community sign up directly on your website for your BigList discussion list. (They can unsubscribe from the list just as easily.)
  • Community members participate in discussions about topics of interest to all by sending and receiving e-mail messages to and from your BigList discussion list.
  • We can set up your list to suit your particular needs. For example, you may want someone to review the messages to make sure they are on-topic before they go out to the other members. We can set up your list to accommodate this.
  • Our system retains copies of all your messages and makes them accessible to all your members so that new members can review old messages to catch up on the ongoing discussions before joining in.

What People Are Talking About On Their BigList Discussion Lists:
  • programming techniques and new software
  • who has the most reliable products and services
  • which underwater camera best suits their needs
  • the latest fashion trends
They are networking to find . . .
  • vendors in their areas
  • potential employees or freelance workers
  • new business opportunities
They are discussing issues such as . . .
  • politics and government
  • the most effective educational reform measures
  • why wouldn't everyone want a BigList?
Think of your BigList discussion list as a non-stop brainstorming session, harnessing the power of multiple minds through e-mail.

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