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"Thanks for all the help on this setup. Your response time is unbelievable.

We will be recommending your service to any list owners we know."

Joseph Ferraro,
Auction Tecs

Use BIGLIST Instead of a Message Board

People are much more likely to participate in a discussion that comes directly to their e-mail in-box. Most people check and respond to their e-mail regularly, whereas most people do not remember to check in with any regularity to any particular site. Remember, our system also keeps searchable web archives of all messages that are sent to your list. Your subscribers can access this archive at any time to check back on what was said earlier. New subscribers can also access the archives to catch up on a discussion before joining in.
Maybe you were hoping to generate more traffic to your site with a message board. You can do the same with a BigList discussion list by placing reminders and links to your site in each message.
A passive website, once visited, will probably be forgotten. With few exceptions, people rarely remember to visit any particular website on a regular basis, even the sites they've bookmarked. On the other hand, just about everyone on the Internet has at least one e-mail account and checks it regularly.
It makes sense then to actively grab the e-mail addresses of those people who express interest in hearing from you again because these people are your potential customers. Once you have their e-mail addresses, you can continue marketing your products to them after they've left your site and after they've forgotten all about you. This way your website promotes itself to people who are not even at your site.

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