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"Thanks for all the help on this setup. Your response time is unbelievable.

We will be recommending your service to any list owners we know."

Joseph Ferraro,
Auction Tecs

Turn to BIGLIST to Oursource Your List Administration

Does this describe you?
You're happy with how your subscribership is growing. However, maintaining your list is getting to be an unwieldy task that's consuming more and more of your resources. Response rates are down and you think messages aren't getting through. Time you could be spending on more important tasks is being used keeping your list clean, i.e., removing invalid addresses and unsubscribing users, dealing with subscribers who can't follow instructions, and tracking down subscribers with multiple addresses. Maybe you've also noticed greater delays in message delivery now that your list has grown.
Let us help.
E-mail list administration is all we do, and we do it well. Outsource your list administration to us, and free yourself to concentrate on your core business.
How our service can help:
  • Our system takes care of all your list needs, from delivery to maintenance.
  • Our system gets your messages get out quickly, regardless of the size of your list.
  • We maintain relationships with ISPs to help your messages get delivered.
  • We're ready to handle your needs as you grow because we've already been there.
  • We tailor your BigList to meet your specific individual needs.
  • We are committed to keeping our system and software current with the latest e-mail delivery technology.
  • We provide responsive and knowledgeable customer support around the clock.

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  1640 Maple Ave #801
  Evanston, IL 60201

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